Internet of Things: 4 Days Training

110,000.00 100,000.00

Internet of Things (IoT) 4 Days Training
Industry Partner: Axelta System Private Limited
Mode of Training: Offsite (Online Training)
Pre-requisite: Not Required
Hardware: Will be Provided
Taxes: Additional


IoT & Communication Protocols

This training gives a complete overview of end to end IoT ecosystem. Various technical pieces like Sensors, communication protocols, IoT Platforms, cloud and Analytics is covered. Hands-on/Practical and demo is also included.

Many communication technologies are well known such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and 2G/3G/4G cellular, but there are also several new emerging networking options such as Thread as an alternative for home automation applications, and Whitespace TV technologies being implemented in major cities for wider area IoT-based use cases. Depending on the application, factors such as range, data requirements, security and power demands and battery life will dictate the choice of one or some form of combination of technologies. These are some of the major communication technologies on offer to developers.

Hardware Kit Description

Topic: MQTT, CoAP, Wi-Fi
Kit: Nodemcu Kit
Item: NodeMCU, Sensor Board, LED Board, 5 Volt – 2 A, F-F Wires, 2 Pin Wires, USB – Micro

  • For Hands-On Practical Electronic/Embedded kits will be provide.
  • Software Access will also be provided to participants.
  • Note: Kits will be provided by the trainers for the training purpose (by Courier).

Target Audience: Anyone can attend this training. Starting from entry level to experienced faculty can attend it. Faculty and Students from ECE, IT, CSE, Mechanical and Management or individual having interest in IoT can attend.

Delivery Mode: Online (Check FAQ in Brochure)


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