Importance of Water Storage and the Methods of storage and conservation

Water is the second most commonly used natural product on earth used by all living organisms. Human civilizations have evolved because of easy access to water that is fundamental to almost every development that makes us what we are today, may it be agriculture, construction or sanitation.

The supply, storage and distribution of water have been decisive in the development of human culture, both in earlier times and today. We, humans, are the only species to learn and act about the importance of storage of water, after mother nature.

Around 7,000 years ago , water storage , thanks to wells, became a source of water resources, developing water distribution systems. In ancient Greece, given the large population growth, they had the need to improve water storage and transport, treating both sewage and rainwater, being able to say that the Greeks were among the first populations to learn about the importance of water storage for the development and well being of society.

Water Storage in Today’s Era

Water is a scarce resource, therefore, its collection and storage is still one of the major problems at present. There are many researches being conducted, destined to develop innovative solutions for improving the supply of drinking water in communities facing difficulty with access to water. These solutions include improvements in water collection, used water treatment, etc. All these techniques, in addition to the collection and treatment of water for purification, must have tanks for storage.

Currently, the storage tanks are the best solution for the storage of water. Storage tanks can be of different materials, shapes and varied sizes. These tanks become a key part of a drinking water supply network. They allow adjustments to the demand for drinking water in the communities in which they are located.

In addition, the use of water storage tanks can be both domestic and industrial. The primary material for the construction of water tanks for industrial use is steel. The plastic water tanks are simply unable to store such large quantities of water and steel is most suited for the purpose because of its high tensile strength and malleability. These industrial liquid storage tanks can be designed, manufactured and assembled at the location according to the need.

Why is Steel the best material for construction of Large Water Storage Tank?

  1. Prevents the contamination of the subsoil and groundwater
  2. Steel is resistant to corrosion prolonging its useful life.
  3. Steel is resistant to microbial corrosion. It prevents the appearance of germs.
  4. Easy to Maintain and Clean.

In case, you already have a concrete or cement tank or even a pond base, to preserve water, its quality and quantity, you can opt for Tank liners. Tank liners coat or cover the walls of the tank to protect both water and the tank from deteriorating. Tank liners excellent protection against very aggressive environments to steel or concrete structures. They are usually made of either rubber or reinforced polyethylene. It is Resistant to corrosion, extremely durable, controls leakage and easy to clean.

Bottom Line

Using Zincalume, GLS or liner tanks by Rostfrei Steels Pvt. Ltd. not only saves water for when you need it but also maintains the quality of water. These are the best means of water preservation comparing all conditions and items available in the market. Preserve water not only for today or tomorrow but for generations to come, they will be thankful someday.

Contributor:  Rohan Jaitly (Tech Blogger)

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