Career Planning Automated: A state of the art analytics driven career assessment tool

The today’s education system is producing a lot of unsatisfied and confused individuals, why? This has been the result of the lack of a scientific mechanism that enhances learners to be able to acquire information regarding their inner abilities which would, later on, guide them in making future decisions at different levels of education. There is a lack of timely information to the students about the current dynamic world and the kind of evolving opportunities.

Therefore, there is one good reason to have a comprehensive and established career guidance ecosystem which will enable students to settle on data-driven decisions by following the most advanced analytics and insights geared to help students.

This now brings into play the newly developed tool known as Lead Career Assessment Test (LCAT). It was developed and natured by the Kerala based EdTech start-up vLEADEduventures. Their team members comprise of alumni from some of the most prestigious institutions in the country and outside such as IIT Kharagpur, University of Hyderabad, Delhi University, Eindhoven University of Technology –Netherlands, and the National University of Singapore.

According to Muhammed Ammachandy, the CEO ofvLEADEduventures, the mission of vLEAD has always been simple and that is to make sure that high-quality education can be accessed by everyone without much hindrance. This can be achieved by embracing steps on some specific things. When vLEADEduventures was formed, it was aimed at focusing on five broad areas, Quality Assessment, Educational Intelligence, Career Planning and Development, Next Generation Learning Activities and Strategic Execution of Educational Projects. The first step they took was to set their eyes on the career planning sector and they developed LCAT based on a yearlong rigorous and extensive research exercise.

Muhammed continues to state that LCATis a state-of-the-art analytics-driven online career assessment tool that enables an individual to discover his/her right career path and it utilizes the most advanced scientific tools such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The test is available in 3 categories beginning with students in class 8 to those in college and latest graduates. It recommends the appropriate stream or career choices for an individual through the exploration of the different dimensions of their psychometric profile such as aptitude, personality, work value preferences, interests and the emotional intelligence.

In addition to the test, the students are also provided with a scientifically curated post assessment counseling mechanism which includes a personalized and detailed face-to-face counselling session with the test candidate and their parents. At the end of the session, the candidates are able to get a clear perspective on how to approach their future by receiving a detailed short-term action plan, which covers several areas such as success in academics, career planning, and personal and social development.

After beginning their various operations from May 2018, LCAT has become highly popular among those in search of genuine career guidance solutions in Kerala. Currently, they are scaling up and planning to go for an initial round of funding soon.

The Master brains behind LCAT

LCAT has been developed under the guidance of experienced psychometricians from around the world by a team of highly qualified researchers with an academic background from reputed universities like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands, Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Darmstadt, National University of Singapore, Delhi University and University of Hyderabad.

You can find more information about their services from their website

Contributor: Muhammed Salih (Director, vLEAD Eduventures), B.Tech – IIT Kharagpur, MS – National University of Singapore;  33/6625B3C, Empora Views Building, Malaparamba Junction, Calicut, Kerala 673017

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