An Insight Into Service Now IT Service Management (ITSM) Solutions

Introduction: As technology becomes integral to almost all the businesses, organizations are looking for ways to include IT services into their business requirements. The IT Service Management(ITSM) provides a framework for improving, delivering, retiring, deploying, and creating IT services in an organization.

So, what actually is the IT Service Management? ITSM is a shared service that delivers feature-rich, secure, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective software tools that can be utilized by state agencies to handle problems, incidents, changes, and requests in support of business needs and customers. Putting in simple terms, ITSM is the IT service delivery via an appropriate mix of IT, process, and people.

ITSM provides several frameworks for businesses for the creation of management standards around customer services practices and IT services. It encompasses information security management, software engineering, popular management frameworks such as ISO/IEC, ITIL, and ISO 9000, and quality management.

The frameworks that exist between the ITSM discipline are designed in a way that they bring structure and organization to service-oriented IT departments aligning the goals of IT with the business goals and needs. It helps businesses align with the business goals and IT goals in an effective manner, especially for organizations that focus on the customers.

ServiceNow ITSM

There are a lot of software suites available for supporting the whole ITSM processes to handle incidents, service, ticketing, and any problems, changes, or upgrades. These suites are typically marketed as either ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library) or ITSM solutions and they focus on supporting the IT workflow management. These suites have everything that businesses need to operate within the framework of their choice, and provide flexibility for businesses for deploying all the features they need.

ServiceNow is one of the top ITSM suite vendors. ServiceNow ITSM offers complete visibility into your IT environment and business services via a single system of action. This enables the ServiceNow ITSM to consolidate legacy systems and fragmented tools while the processes get automated with the help of machine learning on a strong Now platform.

ServiceNow is very easy to configure and enables you to activate confidently and quickly, and scaling to your business needs at the same time. With the help of a consistent and simple approach, you lower costs, increase efficiency, and devote more time to delivering as well as innovating the consumer like experience your employees look forward to.

ServiceNow ITSM Solutions

ServiceNow provides end-to-end IT solutions for supporting your business infrastructure. Let’s dig deeper into each one of them.

Incident and Problem Management

 Restoring the service while handling the chaos and responding quickly to issues that arise. The routing, categorization, and assignment of work is automated with the help of machine learning to reduce human errors, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce resolution times. The root cause of an incident is investigated with periodic service configuration reviews and trend analysis to avert any service disruptions in the future.

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Change Management

 Utilize a single integrated change calendar that enables you to minimize the costs and risks associated with quick changes, and be in a better position to set timeframes and expectations for planned changes. Enhance user satisfaction and unwarranted ticket requests with the help of automated change notifications.

CMDB(Configuration Management Database)

 Consolidate different kinds of IT management systems into a solitary system of record to determine what assets are present in your IT environment, how are they functioning, and how they are configured. Perceive your company’s IT environment, especially in the areas of configuration and compliance management, asset management, and service impact analysis.

Knowledge and Service Catalog Management

 Provide the end-users with a modern way to communicate with IT and various other shared services groups – allow self-help, collaborate with others, and request services or items. Promptly deliver pre-configured, standardized services and products with lower costs and risks. Obtain and package knowledge from all over the company and make it accessible to all the employees.

Service Level Management

 Set gain visibility and expectations in your IT team’s performance and commitments. Escalate issues when needed, reassign ownership, check statuses, and prioritize tasks, allowing you to provide your best service at any point of time.

Asset Management

Track the inventory, contractual, and financial details of virtual assets and hardware devices all through their lifecycle. Reduce risk by knowing who has access to each system, what it costs, what is installed on it, and how it is configured. Get a connected, comprehensive view of your assets. This allows you to determine and resolve issues faster.

Dashboards and Reports

Consolidate the power of ServiceNow platform with a solitary data model to create and distribute significant information on demand. Select from customized or predefined reports, and generate eye-catching dashboards within no time. With the help of various KPIs(Key Performance Indicators), you can benchmark your performance against your counterparts and monitor your continuous improvement over time.


 With the help of ServiceNow ITSM, you can attain end-to-end transformation for your IT infrastructure and services via a single cloud based platform. ServiceNow ITSM enables you to consolidate legacy systems and fragmented tools while automating the service management processes. Thus, ServiceNow ITSM enables you to achieve more reliable and faster business outcomes.

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