New in the Category of “Social Media Kids’ Dangerous Apps

Social media has taken various shapes and apps are now a must part of it. The apps are in diversity from entertainment to educational purposes, hook-ups to fun and dangerous to beneficial. The teens are an essential element when it comes to social media apps. The popularity of the social media apps has evolved into a phenomenon that we call “concern of parents.” Definitely, the parents are worried about the security and safety of their kids because none of these apps is safe enough to let the kids wander and do whatever they want in their spare times.

Let’s be more specific about the social media apps. Though we have thousands of apps, and they are outnumbered with every passing day, we need to guide the parents that what’s new in the market to attract their kids and children. Tumbler, SnapChat, Tinder and Yik Yak have been into the lives of users but time had come when the developers started reckoning to come up with the newest apps that not only compete with the old versions but offer greater leads in serving the users. The existence of any such app is subjected to its unique features and those that are successful in integrating the desires and demands of users into their feature list, become most familiar.

The use of all these apps is good when it’s in limits and poses no serious threats to the teenagers and young kids. If we check out the registration policies and terms of social media apps they don’t ask for age limits and if there is any, that would not be over 17 years; an open invitation to every kid and child. Another point to note, there will not be all the kids rather every age group is using these apps and are active nowadays. We can’t protect children from being the prey of elements like cyber bullies, extortionists, and other harmful agents. Let’s have a look at what’s new in the club of social media apps.

After School

This app is similar to many apps like Tumbler, Tinder and others. The only additional feature introduced is it takes locations of the school students and lets them join school groups. Primarily it was designed to gather the students where they can communicate with other fellow members and peers. The app is very dangerous because it allows the bullies to come over here and trap their targets. It was initially banned after a series of complaints from the parents and teachers but later adding the age of 17+ made it acceptable.

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Burn Note

If the users need a social media app that removes or deletes messages after a certain amount of time, Burn Note is the best. The best and most secure element in this app is that it only allows text messages, so audio, video, and other options are not supported. This limited texting option is useful as the kids will be safe from receiving unwanted messages, videos and irrelevant messages from other users. It’s not entirely reliable regarding the safety of teenagers. The public option for messages can put hurting words for the kids. The app is through a new arrival; it’s gaining reputation and millions of people have become regular users of Burn Note.


The social media dangerous apps’ category comprises various apps with different purposes and aims. This is one of the flirting and dating apps. It provokes the single users to spend their time on finding their matches to a date later on. No limit on age verification builds a greater community that includes teenagers as well. Dating and hook-up apps are the riskiest apps among all because these are directly spoiling a kid.


None of us can stop technology from spreading or developing, what the parents and we can do for the security of their children is to come up with reliable protective approaches that let us put our suspicions to rest and enjoy relief.

Kids should be monitored through various available monitoring and spying apps. These apps provide detailed information not only on social media but about internet histories, the list of installed apps, social media activities and help the parents prevent their kids from using these. A careful step today will guarantee the security of your families and beloved ones.

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