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Recently, one of our old user and an Engineering graduate student has developed her first app on Google Play Store, we congratulate her for this achievement. This is Guest Post article to discuss about that app. Share, install and provide your valuable feedback on BackApps. This will surely help to boost the motivation of the young mind in app development field.

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How did I end up with BackApps?

Most of the backup apps on Google Play backup entire apk for later restore
I din’t like the idea of saving entire heavy apk files to cloud. I understand that saving data of an app through backup is essential. Data is important.
But most of the apps take backup individually in their app(like WhatsApp provides option of backup in Google drive)
Backup of such heavy apk files take time, takes up data usage at both time i.e while uploading and downloading(backup and restore)

Saving backup of user installed apps on device without saving apks or data is light and easy – BackApps does exactly the same

It takes backup even in offline mode, sharing or checking saved backup is all possible in offline mode. Backup will be synced later when device is connected to the internet.
For more features check BackApps on Google Play: BackApps


Description on Play store:
  • Light and fast one click backup to Google Drive
  • BackApps works in offline mode – backup will be synced to Google drive when connected to the internet
  • Sharing backup and checking your saved backup is also possible in offline mode
  • Backups all user installed applications (without app’s data)
  • backup takes less memory in Google Drive(in KBs) as it does not save apk files of apps
  • Reinstalling backed up apps is done with the help of Google Play account
  • Want all your apps back on formatted device or on new purchased device?
    Reinstall them with BackApps

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This app is developed by Pinky Walve. If you want to connect with her write email  on or you can visit her blog at Link to Blog