Educational Media for Child’s Mental Growth

Gone are the days when it was believed that children are to be kept away from all sorts of exposure: good or bad. Now is the era of a little more gray, and a little less black and white. We now believe in things more intricate and we like to take the norms out of their normalcies, and try to put in more rational thinking: Why is TV bad for your kid? It isn’t. Yes, Parental controls on all TV programs, as is offered by Charter triple play, movies and shows should be strictly followed in order to make certain your child isn’t exposed to vulgarity, blood and violence before age. All this is of the essence when it comes to the psychological and mental growth of little adults who are at an extremely vulnerable age where anything and everything will contribute significantly to their personality growth, especially what they watch and hear.

Making sure you’re exposing your child to fun and educational TV programs is essential because the power of electronic media cannot be undermined when it comes to learning. However, choosing the right programs and more importantly gauging the content of what you intend your children to watch is vital. Moreover, you need to pick something that is entertaining and informational at the same time because that is likely to pique the interest of your little ones. Visual media has proven to have more influence than any other medium of communication as it doesn’t appeal to just one of our senses, but quite a few, and with the bloom of digital channels, there are so many options available out there. Parents just need to be meticulous about the choice of channels so that their children really learn from spending hours in front of the television. While it’s difficult to manage a close eye on your children when they’re in front of the TV 24/7, especially in today’s fast paced world with a million daily errands to run, for both the parents, the importance of it cannot be belittled. It is at this vulnerable age between 5 to 11 that is affected by whatever is brought in front of children. In order to make certain your children grow up to be an inquisitive, educated, curious, humble and most importantly: positive human beings, you must expose them to such programs and activities.

The Charter Spectrum cable and internet deals offered here will give you full parental control over your child’s mental and intellectual nourishment. Whether its internet or Cable TV, internet, or Charter triple play, all platforms can be highly fruitful or extremely damaging for your child – it all depends what you choose for your child to watch in his/her prime growing years. Various bundles offered by Charter Spectrum are affordable, full of entertainment and undoubtedly the right sources of creativity for your children. With over 200 channels, not only fulfils the electronic media needs of your children, it also gives you all the entertainment you need to watch after a long day of work, or if you’re looking to spend quality time with your spouse.

In addition to this, DVR service from Charter Spectrum lets you record any of your favorite shows while watching another channel at the same time. This service can certainly be very useful for your children as well. While they’re away for school or out playing their baseball game, parents can record whatever show, documentary or useful material they watch and feel it can be helpful for their child to watch that same content at a later time. This ensures your child doesn’t misses out on any content that you, as a parent, think is necessary for your child to watch and ask questions or discuss it with you. Furthermore, DVR from Charter Spectrum also lets you pause while you or your child is watching a live TV. This is another important factor when it comes to watching the right content, till the end. If we or our children need to have a break, it is very unlikely that we will go back and search for the episodes or the content that we missed out. Either we will move ahead, or we would switch to another content. So this service actually makes sure that whatever you wanted your child to watch and learn from, he/she won’t be hindered by these little obstacles or factors in any way.

With up to 300mbps of internet speed, Charter’s internet packages also give you a number of affordable internet packages to choose from – that can be really productive for your child’s creative growth. With all the online tools, video tutorials, documentaries and other creative material available over the internet, the efficient services by Charter triple playcan actually save your and your child’s time when it comes to surfing and downloading online content. To ensure your child is viewing the right sort of content that doesn’t adversely affect his/her personal growth at any stage, brings to you premium services by Charter Spectrum.

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