Connecting people to nature: World Environment Day

From your backyard to your favourite national park, nature is closer than you think. It’s time to get out and enjoy it.

Our Earth is inhabitant to millions of species. We humans are not the only one. It’s our responsibility to think for the better future, for the sake of millions of species and for our next generation.

Population, pollution, climate change are for real and not just the buzzword as some people might think and believe. These all things are happening for real. Strict result-oriented action need to be taken, not tomorrow, not today but right now.

The illusion of the facts and data is not the solution for these problems.

Happy Environment Day. Love your home, love your Mother Earth. Save Tree Save Environment.

Video Courtesy: Hope Initiative

‘Connecting People to Nature’, the theme for World Environment Day 2017, implores us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share.

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every 5 June. This year’s host country Canada got to choose the theme and will be at the centre of celebrations around the planet.

World Environment Day is a day for everyone, everywhere. Since it began in 1972, global citizens have organized many thousands of events, from neighbourhood clean-ups, to action against wildlife crime, to replanting forests.

This year’s theme invites you to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it. It challenges us to find fun and exciting ways to experience and cherish this vital relationship.

Source: Hope Initiative, Google, UN