Solar Monitoring System for high Efficiency


Besides material and design parameters, there are many other factors which locally affect Photovoltaic cell like temperature, humidity, dust, bird droppings, air velocity etc. A number of studies have been conducted on the parameters that will affect the PV cells efficiency. In this project, a system is designed that will measure the current, Humidity, temperature of the panel. The grid and control room is also connected wirelessly. This enables the engineer, monitoring the grid in the remote locations. This design will be implemented in the system to monitor the PV panels. With the data to be monitored, we will increase the efficiency by activating the alarm. In order to ensure minimum power consumption, the whole digital circuitry is to be powered by 5 v.


  • Technology: Solar
  • Software used :AVR, OrCAD, Proteus
  • Module available: Wireless & Wired
  • Microcontroller: Atmega 8/16
  • Category :Electrical / Embedded / Solar
  • Project Report: Available
  • Coding: Available

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