Electrical Engineering Project List

Tech Counsellor provides consultancy to individuals and organsation on various engineering projects upto prototype level. If you have idea, or want to work on the projects as mentioned below, let us know. Our team will help you with most of the things like Design, Development, Deployment and even in bringing out the industry support for the final ready project. 

Project List

Code Project Title
EEP01 IGBT Based Inverter
EEP02 GSM Based Industrial Fault Monitoring System
EEP03 Automatic Phase Changer
EEP04 3 Phase Power Security System
EEP05 Power Saving System for Inductive Load
EEP06 Speech control AC Electrical Device
EEP07 Solar power Refrigerator
EEP08 Solar power Mobile Charger
EEP09 Solar Street Light Controller
EEP10 Controller Area Network
EEP11 Temperature Control Fan
EEP12 Digital Temperature Meter
EEP13 Auto Voltage Stabilizer Using Autotransformer
EEP14 Multi Channel Touch Switch
EEP15 emergency Light Using CFL
EEP16 Pre Paid Energy Meter
EEP17 Solar Tracker System
EEP18 Touch Screen Switch Board
EEP19 Mobile Control Electrical Appliance
EEP20 Tripping Sequence Code indicator (Microcontroller based)
EEP21 Overvoltage controller (Microcontroller based)
EEP22 SMS Based Device Controller
EEP23 Speed Motor Controller
EEP24 Tel Industrial Fault Detection Cum Automation System
EEP25 Industrial Timer
EEP26 Auto Gate Opening Controller
EEP27 Temperature Meter
EEP28 Temperature controlled Ventilators
EEP29 Moving message Display Using LCD
EEP30 Stepper Motor speed direction controller with LCD Monitoring
EEP31 Frequency Counter using LCD
EEP32 Peddle controlled Mobile Charger
EEP33 wind Electricity
EEP34 Electric Energy from Compressed Air
EEP35 RF control electrical appliances
EEP36 DC Motot Controller
EEP37 Room light controller

Want to Work on any of the Project from the list or if you have your own idea, Just drop us a line. Our representative will get back to you !