Electronics Projects List

Tech Counsellor provides consultancy to individuals and organsation on various engineering projects upto prototype level. If you have idea, or want to work on the projects as mentioned below, let us know. Our team will help you with most of the things like Design, Development, Deployment and even in bringing out the industry support for the final ready project. 

Some of the Listed Engineering Projects:

Code Title
ECP01 Data & Voice Communication (IR/Laser/Fiber)
ECP02 GSM Based Home Automation
ECP03 Home Security system Interfacing with GSM
ECP04 Line Tracker Robot
ECP05 industrial fault Monitoring System
ECP06 Metro Train Prototype
ECP07 Water Level Controller Cum Motor Protector
ECP08 Voice Transmitter Through Power Line
ECP09 Automatic School Bell
ECP10 Heat Sensitive Switch
ECP11 Device Switch Using password
ECP12 Speed Checker For Highways
ECP13 Safety Guard For Blind
ECP14 Traffic Light Controller
ECP15 Telephone Answering Machine
ECP16 RF control electrical Appliancesr
ECP17 Digital Voltmeter
ECP18 Remot Musical Bell
ECP19 99 Sec. Stop Watch
ECP20 Digital Fan Regulator